Rabbit.com's Rich History of Ownership Changes

Started by wellm97, Jan 23, 2023, 10:32 AM

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Every twelfth year, the Chinese lunar calendar honors the Year of the Rabbit, associating this zodiac animal sign with longevity, peace, and prosperity. This tradition has led to words like "rabbit" being incorporated into domain names and brand names, making them more popular.

One such example is Rabbit.com, which has a rich history dating back to 1990 when it was registered and well-maintained. The Tangram Enterprise Solutions Company previously owned the domain and used the name for one of its software products. They even contested a competitor's registration for the mark. However, Rabbit.com underwent a change in ownership in 2005, after which various entities utilized the domain. Today Digi International owns Rabbit.com and promotes its range of Rabbit products via this domain.


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