Seller's Shock: Low Payout and Unexpected Penalties on

Started by Domaining News, Mar 16, 2023, 01:39 AM

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A domain investor incurred a 30% commission fee after selling a domain through

The sale was finalized when the buyer accepted a counter-offer of $3,500, triggering a transaction on the GoDaddy-owned platform.

The seller, based in Europe, was surprised to receive a payout of only $2,441.25 after fees and taxes. The commission, totaling 30.25%, included VAT tax and a "penalty" fee for initiating the process via Bodis.

The seller expressed their astonishment, stating:

"Does anyone still use this platform? Once I learned that it would be acquired by GoDaddy, I anticipated something like this would occur."

That was the initial purpose of DAN (formerly They simply offered a low commission lander. They played no role in this particular sale but happily collected a 30% commission. Bodis brought the lead to them.

Additionally, GoDaddy is imposing an extra 10% fee on top of the standard 15% fee across, Afternic, and the soon-to-be-closed Uni Market for those who do not use its list of approved domain name servers. Consequently, the effective fee amounts to 25%, with the inclusion of VAT for Europeans.