Domain investors may find these Afternic keywords useful

Started by Domaining News, Apr 12, 2023, 01:43 AM

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Afternic recently released a list of top keywords that appeared frequently in the domains sold on its platform last month.

The list includes words like "the", "my", "for", "home", and "best" among others. While some of these words may not be useful for domain investors, others like "ai" saw a surge in sales. This data can be more helpful than Sedo's search data as it reflects actual purchases.
Another keyword resource is Squadhelp, which offers information on sell-through rates for keywords to its members.


Domain investors can benefit from analyzing keyword data to understand market trends and make informed decisions. By knowing which keywords are frequently appearing in domains sold on platforms like Afternic, investors can identify popular and potentially valuable keywords to target.

For example, if the keyword "ai" is seeing a surge in sales, it suggests a growing demand for domains related to artificial intelligence. This information can guide investors in selecting relevant domain names that align with current market interests.

Moreover, Squadhelp's sell-through rate data provides additional insights. Sell-through rates indicate the percentage of listed domains that actually sell, giving investors an idea of which keywords have higher chances of success.

Here are a few examples of domain keywords that have been consistently popular and valuable in recent years:

1. Tech-related Keywords: Technology terms like "tech," "software," "cloud," "data," "app," "cyber," "blockchain," and "digital" continue to be highly sought after due to the ongoing advancements in the tech industry.

2. E-commerce Keywords: With the rise of online shopping, keywords related to e-commerce such as "shop," "store," "online," "buy," "sale," "deal," and "discount" are often in demand.

3. Health and Wellness Keywords: Given the increasing focus on health and well-being, domains featuring keywords like "health," "fitness," "nutrition," "wellness," "yoga," "meditation," and "mindfulness" tend to attract attention.

4. Finance Keywords: Financial terms such as "money," "invest," "finance," "bank," "loan," "credit," "crypto," "bit," and "coin" are frequently sought after due to the interest in personal finance, investments, and the cryptocurrency market.

5. Travel and Hospitality Keywords: Domains with travel-related keywords like "travel," "hotel," "vacation," "tour," "explore," "adventure," and specific location names continue to be popular, as people seek information and services for their travel needs.

few more domain keywords that have proven to be useful and valuable:

1. Education Keywords: Keywords related to education, such as "learn," "courses," "school," "university," "academy," "knowledge," and "online learning" are in high demand, particularly with the rise of e-learning platforms and remote education.

2. Real Estate Keywords: Real estate remains a lucrative industry, and keywords like "property," "homes," "realty," "land," "investments," "mortgage," and specific location-based terms like city or neighborhood names can be valuable for domain investors.

3. Sustainable and Green Keywords: With an increasing focus on sustainability and environmental consciousness, terms like "eco," "green," "sustainable," "renewable," "recycle," "organic," and "environment" are popular choices for domain names in various sectors.

4. Lifestyle and Personal Development Keywords: Keywords that cater to personal growth, self-improvement, and lifestyle choices are sought after. Examples include "success," "motivation," "personal development," "coaching," "mindset," "self-help," and "well-being."

5. Food and Culinary Keywords: Food-related domains are always in demand, especially with the popularity of food blogging, recipes, and culinary businesses. Keywords like "food," "recipes," "cooking," "restaurant," "gourmet," "chef," and specific cuisine names can be valuable.