AI-powered web tool generates 1 million+ domain names in a month

Started by Domaining News, Feb 01, 2023, 02:54 AM

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A recently developed web tool that generates domain names using artificial intelligence technology has been used more than a million times in just one month, according to its creator. employs the GPT-3 software to analyze user-provided descriptions and suggest available domain names. The tool has been successful in generating unique and amusing suggestions for users, although the results can sometimes be hit-and-miss.

The site currently generates revenue through affiliate links, but the founder has plans to introduce premium subscription options that offer additional services. This cutting-edge technology could potentially revolutionize the way we create and select domain names in the future.


Businesses can utilize various free online tools for generating domain names and checking availability. Lean Domain Search lets users search through thousands of available domains by entering brand-related keywords and offers filters to sort by popularity, length, or alphabet. Name Mesh allows creation of domain names based on multiple keywords, breaking searches into categories, using SEO, and generating short domains.

NameBoy provides additional services such as creating website names and accessing hosting services, including checking domain registrars and resale names. NameStall offers a rhyme generator and options for various top-level domain extensions. Finally, Bust A Name helps users fine-tune their domain name search and identify the availability of top-level domains beyond ".com." These tools offer a range of unique features to simplify the process of finding the perfect domain name.