Big changes in domain name sales at GoDaddy, Dan, and others

Started by Domaining News, Jan 05, 2023, 07:32 AM

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GoDaddy, Afternic, Dan, and Uniregistry have announced a change in their domain name sales commissions. As of February 1, 2023, the commission rate will be based on where the domain's nameservers are pointed to at the time of sale.

Using GoDaddy brand aftermarket nameservers that point to a GoDaddy For Sale Lander reduces the commission rate to 15%, while using other nameservers keeps it at the standard flat rate of 25%.

Currently, the commission rate depends on the price the domain is sold for, with a minimum of $15 or higher depending on the sale price. Dan's commission rate is currently at 9%. However, starting February 1, 2023, this structure will change to align the commission structures of all marketplaces and make pricing simpler for sellers.

GoDaddy claimed that this change rewards those who choose to do more business with GoDaddy auctions using,, or while simplifying the commission structure for sellers. The goal is to provide the same amount, net of commission charged, across all marketplaces.

Overall, this change in commission structure aims to streamline the process, eliminate confusion for sellers, and encourage more participation in GoDaddy's marketplaces.