Payable Domains: the latest innovation from GoDaddy

Started by Domaining News, Feb 28, 2023, 02:25 AM

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GoDaddy introduced a new option called "Payable Domains" today that lets anyone with a GoDaddy-registered domain start accepting payments, even if they don't have a website.

Both existing and new domain registrants can enable this option through the GoDaddy back-end dashboard. Using Payable Domains only incurs a transaction fee of 2.3% plus 30 cents for each transaction, which is very reasonable compared to other payment processor fees.

With this move, GoDaddy has become the first company to offer payment technology bundled with professional domains at no extra cost, according to their press release. With Payable Domains, businesses can use branded pay links featuring their domain name, such as "", to accept payments securely from customers. Once domain owners receive their first payment, they can link a bank account to their GoDaddy Payments account and receive payouts for transactions, just like with any other payments service.

Moreover, small business owners can customize their Payable Domain with images, logos, product costs, and other branded content for a seamless checkout experience that looks professional and personal. GoDaddy President of Domains Paul Nicks commented that domains have mainly been used as a digital identity for businesses, but Payable Domains gives them a more versatile role in supporting small businesses. GoDaddy President of Commerce Osama Bedier added that the company is focused on building connected commerce solutions to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses effortlessly.


Payable Domains is a new service offered by GoDaddy that allows individuals or businesses to list their unused domain names for sale. This innovation provides an opportunity for domain owners to monetize their unused domains, while also enabling potential buyers to discover and purchase relevant domains more easily. With Payable Domains, sellers can set a price for their domain names and potential buyers can browse through the available options, making the process of buying and selling domains more transparent and accessible. This service aims to simplify the domain name marketplace and make it easier for both parties to engage in domain transactions.

With Payable Domains, GoDaddy aims to streamline the process of selling and purchasing domain names. Sellers can list their domain names with a price, making it easier for potential buyers to discover and make offers on relevant domains. This service also provides a secure platform for transactions, ensuring that both parties have a smooth and reliable experience when buying or selling domains. Additionally, Payable Domains allows sellers to promote their domains to a wider audience, increasing the visibility of their offerings and potentially leading to more successful sales. Overall, it's an innovative solution that addresses the needs of both domain sellers and buyers in the online marketplace.