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Started by Domaining News, Mar 29, 2023, 01:52 AM

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Yesterday, released their latest product update and sent an email to users informing them that domains with a BIN (Buy It Now) price will be added to Afternic. Those who had previously chosen not to integrate their accounts presumed that such a decision would not be made without their authorization.

However, disregarding user choice, the GoDaddy-owned company went ahead and turned on the integration setting for all accounts. As a result, domains with a BIN price were automatically routed to Afternic and its network of registrars, without explicit approval from account holders.

This disregard for user choice sets a dangerous precedent, as GoDaddy appears to believe that making decisions on behalf of its users is acceptable. It seems they view this action as inconsequential since users can reverse it by opting out of the Afternic integration at, thereby removing their domains from Afternic.

It is essential that GoDaddy faces consequences for this move. It was not a mistake or a coding error but a deliberate attempt to offload domain inventory onto Afternic, an aging marketplace that is still in beta. While both and Afternic are GoDaddy companies, they should operate under their own distinct terms of service and rules. Users of either platform should not be compelled to use the other or have their portfolios forcibly listed for sale.

Domain investors have raised concerns about the integration, including the fact that minimum offers become "floor prices" at Afternic. Some users discovered that, despite opting not to list on Afternic via DAN, they were re-enrolled after the latest update. They are advised to review their settings to ensure their preferences are upheld.

On February 1st, GoDaddy announced fee increases for and Uni Market to 15% while reducing Afternic fees to the same percentage. However, the real scandal lies in what happens to domains listed for sale on GoDaddy-owned marketplaces when using a non-approved DNS. In such cases, a hefty 25% fee is imposed.


GoDaddy's integration decision with was a strategic move to expand their domain name aftermarket offerings. is a popular platform that allows users to buy and sell domain names through a secure escrow service. By partnering with, GoDaddy aimed to provide a seamless experience for customers looking to sell their domain names.

The integration between the two platforms enables GoDaddy customers to list their domain names for sale on directly from their GoDaddy account. This integration simplifies the process of selling domain names by eliminating the need for manual listings and transfers.

Additionally, GoDaddy's integration with includes domain name appraisal services. This means that GoDaddy customers can obtain accurate valuations for their domain names, helping them set competitive prices when listing them for sale on

The decision to integrate with aligns with GoDaddy's mission to empower individuals and businesses to succeed online. By providing its customers with easy access to a trusted domain aftermarket platform, GoDaddy aims to support domain name investors and entrepreneurs in monetizing their digital assets efficiently.

In addition to the benefits mentioned earlier, GoDaddy's integration with offers several advantages for sellers on their platform.

Firstly, sellers can leverage's global reach and extensive network of buyers. This integration opens up new opportunities for sellers to connect with potential buyers who are actively searching for domain names.

Secondly, the integration simplifies the negotiation and transaction process. Sellers can use's negotiation tools to engage in discussions with buyers and reach mutually agreeable terms. Once a sale is finalized, the transaction is processed securely through's escrow service, ensuring that both parties are protected.

Furthermore, GoDaddy sellers can take advantage of's advanced features, such as installment payment options. This feature enables buyers to purchase domains in installments, making it easier for them to acquire premium domain names.

Lastly, the integration allows sellers to track and manage their domain name listings seamlessly. Instead of maintaining separate accounts on multiple platforms, sellers can conveniently manage their listings, pricing, and negotiations directly from their GoDaddy account.

Overall, GoDaddy's integration with provides a streamlined and efficient experience for domain name sellers, enabling them to maximize the value of their digital assets and reach a wider audience.