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Started by Domaining News, Jan 16, 2023, 02:55 AM

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On Saturday, there was a significant amount of activity in the mixed letters and numbers category.

GoDaddy did well with both classic LNN and same LLNN categories. The high close was, which sold for $19,500. In 2015, it had sold for $9,200 on Sedo. Interestingly, the retail price was half the expired market price for this category that has lost steam over the years.

The list of domain sales on GoDaddy on Saturday is as follows:  19,500 USD  2023-01-14  GoDaddy  14,000 USD  2023-01-14  GoDaddy  11,500 USD  2023-01-14  GoDaddy  11,416 USD  2023-01-14  GoDaddy  7,100 USD  2023-01-14  GoDaddy  5,800 USD  2023-01-14  GoDaddy  4,700 USD  2023-01-14  GoDaddy  4,100 USD  2023-01-14  GoDaddy  3,800 USD  2023-01-14  GoDaddy  3,650 USD  2023-01-14  GoDaddy  2,300 USD  2023-01-14  GoDaddy  1,925 USD  2023-01-14  GoDaddy  1,715 USD  2023-01-14  GoDaddy  1,175 USD  2023-01-14  GoDaddy

It seems that the demand for these types of domain names is still high, despite losing popularity over the years.


The company faced negative publicity in 2011 when it supported SOPA, a bill that would expand the powers of copyright holders and limit free distribution of content online. GoDaddy eventually backtracked due to widespread criticism and loss of customers.

GoDaddy has been known for controversial ads, with the most provocative being the one aired during the 2005 Super Bowl featuring a character wearing a tight T-shirt with the company logo. The ad was viewed as vulgar and sеxist by many.

Originally, the company considered changing its name to Big Daddy, but that domain was already taken. Instead, they chose the similar-sounding GoDaddy, hoping to evoke a smile and be easily memorable, according to Parsons.

It's worth noting that despite these controversies, GoDaddy remains one of the largest domain registrars in the world and continues to be popular among users.