ICANN allocated $1 million to Ukraine to support the domain name system

Started by arthyk, Aug 17, 2022, 06:28 AM

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According to the Telegram post by the Ministry of Digital Development in Ukraine, ICANN has granted Ukraine $1 million to bolster their domain system, which is imperative for the functioning of the Internet. Domains provide us with user-friendly addresses like google.com and apple.com.

Due to cyberattacks on Ukraine's domain system during the Russian invasion, it was essential to secure and fortify it, so Ukrainians can continue to access information on the internet. The Ministry collaborated with the domain industry's Ukrainian stakeholders and agreed that the funding from ICANN would enable uninterrupted Internet access. In light of armed aggression, the Ministry, along with internet providers, administrators, and domain registrars, is working to maintain the Internet's stable operation.


Although the $1 million from ICANN is a considerable amount for the domain industry, it may not be sufficient to aid all market participants. Domain name renewals and registrations are declining, and registrars and administrators must pay for server maintenance, salaries, and protection from attacks regardless of clients' decisions. This situation poses a significant financial burden.
In Ukraine, there are approximately 130 registrars and ten administrators, and dividing the funds between them would only provide each company with about $7,000.
It remains unclear how the money will be allocated, and the Emergency Telecom Cluster ETC, to whom ICANN transferred the funds, has no apparent association with Ukraine's domain system. The Ministry of Finance stated that the funding would be used in collaboration with internet service providers, administrators, and domain registrars but, as of yet, no communication has occurred with these entities.