Recent Sedo domain sales: 7-10 days worth of data

Started by Domaining News, Jan 13, 2023, 03:19 AM

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After the holiday, Sedo released three weeks of domain sales lists. To begin with, I decided to look at the most recent list and then move on to the others later. The sales from the past 7-10 days are included below.

I recently switched from PC to Mac during the holidays. I had anticipated that my biggest challenge would be to learn the keyboard shortcuts. Unfortunately, it turned out to be software related issues. For instance, when creating sales posts like this, I usually place all the names in Watch My Domains Pro. From there, I search for ownership info and go on to examine sites that point to non-parking servers. However, in the older version of the Windows software that I ran, I could double-click on names to open them in a browser window. In both the Mac and latest universal editions, you can't double-click, and the UI is different. Therefore, I am trying to adjust to these new features, but it takes me a little longer to perform the same task right now.

(And don't even get me started on accounting software!)


Below is a list of end-user domain name sales that were recently completed at Sedo, for which a buyer could be identified. $15,000 – This domain name forwards to the website for Borgman Capital. It's unclear how they plan to use it, but it seems like a name for a philanthropic endeavor. $8,000 – Short for "minimalist," the site is owned by Ponder Foods and sells minimally processed foods including soups, salad dressing, condiments, and other pantry staples. It seems the site is still being developed as it doesn't list the ingredients for each item, but those products are available on one of their other sites. $5,900 – Sureways Shipping Solutions in India bought this domain name. $5,000 – BB24 is a software suite for property managers. €3,000 – WAVF is a global trading company. €2,990 – This domain forwards to which offers online calendars.

SurveyWorld .net €2,500 – This is an interesting use. This domain used to be owned by an online survey company. Now it redirects to a page on GeldGenius .nl which says bad things about the previous site. €2,250 – Arazo Real Estate sells real estate in Cyprus. €2,000 – This domain forwards to the matching .com. Mesoestetic sells cosmetics. $2,000 – The buyer of this domain remains unknown, but they have put up a "coming soon" page.