Namecheap Victorious in Price Caps Battle for .org and .info Domains

Started by Domaining News, Jan 05, 2023, 06:38 AM

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Namecheap, a domain name registrar, has won a battle to keep price caps on .org and .info domain names by filing for the Independent Review Process (IRP) in 2020 after ICANN's decision to remove price caps. Though the panel's ruling is yet to be made public, Namecheap reported that it stated the ICANN Board should take ultimate decisions on how to implement the ruling.

The board should consider creating an open and transparent process to conduct further analysis of whether including price caps in the Registry Agreements for .ORG and .INFO is in the global public interest. The Board should also decide whether to retain an expert to conduct a study on issues raised by the IRP decision, such as whether .ORG and .INFO have sufficient market power that price caps may be desirable. If the Board concludes that implementing some form of price control for .ORG and/or .INFO is preferable, ICANN should amend the 2019 Registry Agreements accordingly. The IRP ruling could influence ICANN in the future when it is pressured to remove .com price controls.

The fact that ICANN amended its contracts to remove price controls with the registries that manage .org and .info is a problem. Getting them to agree to caps now may also be difficult, and ICANN has been trying to eliminate all price caps and argue that it isn't a price regulator for domain names.


Namecheap is allegedly attempting to implement a nationalist meme coined as "throw it away in the cold" by extending domains for $2 and disregarding bank payments. This will likely harm its customers based on their country of residence. As a result, having any association with Namecheap may be viewed negatively, including when applying for jobs. The company has been accused of misleading and extorting money from its customers until the very end, behaving like an American company.