GoDaddy's Tool to Transfer Marketplace Domains

Started by Domaining News, Mar 25, 2023, 01:42 AM

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GoDaddy recently implemented some changes that may increase the number of domain listings on its distributed Afternic network. While this is generally positive, I have concerns about the potential rise in invalid listings.

Firstly, GoDaddy developed a tool that facilitates the transfer of marketplace domains from Uni, which is soon to shut down, to Afternic. This could be beneficial for those who regularly list domains on Uni but not on Afternic.

Secondly, the company automatically syndicated domains listed on Dan, which have a buy now price, to the Afternic network.

However, the challenge lies in the fact that Uni and Dan likely have numerous outdated listings. Unlike Afternic, Uni and Dan are not marketplaces; they are landing page services where visitors can buy a domain if they choose to. (Technically, it is possible to search Uni and Dan inventory, but it is unlikely that many people did so.)

Since domains not parked with Uni and Dan would never be sold, most domainers did not bother deleting their listings from these platforms if they no longer wanted to sell them there. They might have sold the domain through Sedo but never removed the Dan listing. Alternatively, their domains might have expired on Uniregistry Market, and they simply didn't bother deleting them.

The Uni migration was voluntary, but once you clicked the migration button, you couldn't go back. I personally clicked the button expecting some kind of confirmation but received none. By then, it was too late.

On the other hand, the Dan migration is automatic unless you actively choose to opt out. This means that if your domains are listed on Dan with buy now prices, they will be syndicated to Afternic unless you take action.

In the past week, I spent several hours identifying and removing over 100 invalid listings from my Afternic account. Most of these were added during the Uni migration. I opted out of the Dan syndication because I already list all of those domains on Afternic.

While I appreciate the increased exposure for domains through Afternic, I am concerned about the growing number of invalid listings. This not only creates a negative experience for buyers but is also frustrating for domain investors who attempt to list their newly acquired domains on Afternic, only to discover that someone else has already listed them despite no longer owning them.

In conclusion, while the changes implemented by GoDaddy have their benefits, they also pose a risk of more stale listings infiltrating the Afternic network, which can be detrimental to the overall user experience.


GoDaddy's Tool to Transfer Marketplace Domains is a tool developed by GoDaddy to facilitate the transfer of marketplace domains from Uni, which is soon to shut down, to Afternic. This tool is specifically designed for domainers who regularly list their domains on Uni but not on Afternic.

The purpose of this tool is to provide a seamless transition for domain owners who want to continue listing their domains on Afternic after Uni shuts down. By using this tool, domainers can easily transfer their listings from Uni to Afternic without having to manually re-list each domain.

The tool ensures that the domain transfer process is smooth and efficient. Once a user clicks the migration button, the tool handles the entire transfer process, moving the domain listings from Uni to Afternic. It's important to note that this migration is voluntary, meaning domainers have the choice to opt-in or not.

However, it's worth mentioning that once the migration button is clicked, there is no way to go back. So, domainers should carefully consider their decision before initiating the transfer.

On the other hand, the migration process for domains listed on Dan with a buy now price is automatic. Unless domain owners actively choose to opt-out, their domains will be syndicated to the Afternic network. This automation aims to increase exposure for these domains and attract potential buyers.

Overall, GoDaddy's Tool to Transfer Marketplace Domains simplifies the process of transferring domain listings from Uni to Afternic. It offers a convenient solution for domainers who wish to continue listing their domains on Afternic after the closure of Uni.