Will ICANN's new boss live up to expectations?

Started by Domaining News, Jan 17, 2023, 04:17 AM

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Sally Costerton, ICANN's new interim CEO, held a call with the GNSO Council to discuss the outcomes of the Council's Strategic Planning Session and answer questions.

During the call, Thomas Rickert criticized ICANN for its perceived slowness, explaining that even the European Union has found it quicker to legislate on issues such as Whois than wait for ICANN to act. He also mentioned the community's frustration at the year-long wait for the Operational Design Assessment for the next round of gTLDs and shock at the ODA's suggestion of an even more expensive and time-consuming process.

Costerton responded positively to Rickert's critique, preferring pragmatism over ideology and recognizing the dangers of aggressive litigation. Despite this, she acknowledged the need to balance the desire for progress with the need for protection from government threats. Costerton did not offer any indication of whether she plans to apply for the permanent CEO role.