WIPO Panelist Dismisses UDRP Filed by Finnish Company

Started by Domaining News, Jan 31, 2023, 02:05 AM

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An external party was hired by a Finnish company to handle the registration of their domains and social media accounts. However, after a dispute, the company requested the domains back and filed a UDRP.

The UDRP was dismissed by the sole panelist at WIPO, who found that the Respondent had registered the domains in good faith during the business dispute. This highlights the importance of not relying on third parties to register domain names on your behalf.

Two related Finnish companies, VTT and Olefy Technologies, were involved in the case, with their main place of business in Finland. VTT announced in August 2022 that they would be launching a new company called Olefy Technologies. This new company aims to extract more than 70% of virgin grade plastics and chemical raw materials from plastic waste. The company was incorporated by VTT employee, Matti Nieminen, under business ID 3305240-5.


The arbitration center has three options when making a decision after a dispute: either transfer the disputed domain name to the plaintiff through the registrar, reserve the domain name for the administrator, or cancel the domain name entirely.

Should the arbitration center choose to transfer the domain name to the plaintiff, the registrar must comply with this decision within 10 working days. Additionally, the UDRP does not prohibit either party from transferring the case to a court at any time.

If the administrator decides to bring the matter to court while the dispute is still being considered by the arbitration center or within 10 working days thereafter, the arbitration process will be suspended. The decision will not be executed until the court has reached its own decision on the matter.