Important Notice and Action Recommended for Afternic Move

Started by Domaining News, Mar 10, 2023, 01:51 AM

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If you are a Uniregistry customer, you probably got an email explaining the upcoming migration of the Uniregistry Market and parking platform to Afternic. The email I received had the subject "Important notice - ACTION RECOMMENDED to move your Market & Parking accounts to Afternic within 6 weeks." Andrew Allemann and Theo Develegas also wrote about this.

I have been a Uniregistry user since it started. Initially, I used the Market for sales and parking, but eventually moved all my domain names off the Market and most of them off parking as well. Currently, I mainly use my own inquiry forms and for domain name sales.

In my Uniregistry Market account, I have around 1,100 domain names listed. Since I didn't park most of my domain names or direct them to the Market, I never bothered deleting sold or expired domain names. As a result, my portfolio on Uniregistry is completely outdated due to lack of maintenance. If GoDaddy were to migrate this list of domain names to my Afternic account, it would be inconvenient to fix. I will most likely delete almost all the domain names listed there, except for my parked domain names.

Currently, I use PPC parking at Uniregistry for less than 50 of my domain names. These domain names generate a small but steady income that I prefer to maintain without putting in much effort. If I need to make time-consuming changes or updates to maintain the status quo, it would be better to explore other parking providers since I haven't really tested parking extensively.

After receiving the migration notification email, I posted some questions on Twitter that were not addressed on the Help Center page mentioned in the email. I believe someone is working on getting those answers, and there are likely others with additional questions that should be highlighted. I am sharing my questions here to reach a wider audience and I encourage others to ask their own questions as well.

I assume GoDaddy earns a significant amount of income from the Uniregistry parking service. Given this, I believe the company will ensure a smooth transition to Afternic, considering there is a low barrier to changing parking service providers.

Questions I have about the Uniregistry Migration to Afternic:

1. Where can we find parking statistics and reports?
2. Will current keyword settings remain unchanged after the migration?
3. Will we have the ability to "lock" keywords to prevent potentially infringing links, similar to what we can do now?
4. Where can we modify or update keyword settings for individual domain names?
5. Will the landing pages maintain their current appearance?
6. Do we need to set up a new payment profile even if we already have an active Afternic account that receives payouts for domain name sales?
7. How can we ensure that names are not automatically listed for sale, especially if they are already listed on Afternic?