SierraPower. com sold for $57,388

Started by asold, Jun 17, 2022, 08:30 AM

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asoldTopic starter

The buyer and seller should be congratulated for the sale of SierraPower .com, which was sold by Mike Mann for an impressive $57,388.




Quite interesting and comprehensive information. For many people, this price is still a significant amount! I think both sides win here. Quite a hefty price tag!


The lack of a website on the SierraPower domain raises doubts about whether the buyer will benefit from the purchase.
 It is puzzling that the domain was bought, especially for such a large sum of money.


It also seemed to me that the price for this domain was too high. Perhaps this is partly due to his good reputation. I hope the buyer knows what he is doing and will be able to increase his funds.