Will Rick hit it with Apple on this Four Word Dot com

Started by Kik84, Jun 17, 2022, 08:32 AM

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The Domain King has tweeted about one of his four-word dot com domains, which has led to speculation about whether Apple will want to acquire the corresponding domain now that they have entered the financial payment method space.
To learn more, visit Robbie's Blog at http://robbiesblog.com/will-the-domain-king-get-a-payday-from-apple/10785.


It seems to be a collection of vague and contradictory statements and expressions. I'm not sure what the context or purpose of it is. Can you provide more information or clarify your request?


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Apple may choose to purchase a domain and redirect it to the appropriate page on their main website, as they have done in the past with domains like iPod.com.
The writer notes that Apple owns other domains, such as aolo.com, which have not yet been utilized. It is speculated that these domains may be intended for future use related to AR/VR glasses.