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Started by Inetscope, Jun 22, 2022, 10:36 AM

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InetscopeTopic starter

Let's discuss our experience with the Epik marketplace. To start, it's beneficial to have a domain registered and parked at Epik for instant transfers and the ability to move or spend money through masterbucks. However, when a domain is parked there, it becomes part of the marketplace, including a contact form.

This can lead to confusion for non-buyers who mistake it for a real site and may result in communication issues. Improvements can be made to the landing pages, such as simpler backgrounds and payment option icons prominently displayed above the fold. Negotiations on the marketplace should be linked from the marketplace, not just within one's account. Additionally, negotiation offers need clarification on expiration dates and what happens if an offer is accepted. It's unclear which price has priority: public or private counteroffers.

Epik can also be slow at times and may redirect to an error site. Ultimately, using the Epik marketplace can be confusing and requires a better understanding of the rules for both sellers and buyers.


Although I haven't made any money with Epik yet, I've been renewing some good .coms such as US10y and US30y that are still on the platform.

I first learned about Epik as an NP member and have seen it rise as the people's choice for personal services, including Rob Monster's calling services. All in all, things seem to be going well with Epik.

Roger Dave

According to this statement, Epik.com is a poor company for selling domains as nothing can be sold until an additional commission is paid. Even with a great 15-year-old domain, the author was unable to sell anything without paying an extra fee.
The recommendation is to avoid contacting Epik.com altogether.


It seems like you have encountered some challenges and areas for improvement in the Epik marketplace. Communication issues and confusion regarding parked domains can indeed be problematic for non-buyers. Simplifying landing pages and prominently displaying payment options may help alleviate this confusion.

Improvements in linking negotiations from the marketplace and providing clarity on expiration dates and accepted offer terms would also enhance the user experience. Determining the priority of different price offers could be clarified to avoid any ambiguities.

Additionally, if the platform's performance is sluggish or prone to errors, it can negatively impact users' overall experience. A reliable and efficient platform is crucial for both sellers and buyers.

In summary, understanding and addressing these challenges would contribute to a better user experience on the Epik marketplace, making it more user-friendly and accessible for all participants.