Does anyone make money on sites these days?

Started by Dmitry328, Jul 05, 2022, 01:40 AM

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What is the current scenario? Is it still profitable to sell links to non-functional sites through SAPE?
Essentially, what is the primary source of revenue for websites nowadays? Is it through generating traffic?


Every situation is unique. In cases where a website has high traffic but low site ranking, it can be monetized through contextual advertising. On the other hand, if the situation is reversed, selling links may be the profitable option.
Therefore, each website has its own method of generating revenue.


You can monetize the site through the sale of links, but they must be thematic. You can place banners, cooperate with partners by advertising their services, and, of course, monetize traffic by installing ad units. With good attendance, you can get a stable passive income. But in fact, there are many more options for making money on the site. Here you need to see which options are more suitable for the characteristics of the site and test them in practice.


The first step to selling links is determining a strategy. Options include selling many links at low prices or setting higher prices to limit the number of external links. The approach depends on the website.

Working with exchanges is necessary for intentional link selling. Each service has its own specific characteristics, but the general algorithm for selling eternal and temporary links is roughly the same. The process for selling eternal links on exchanges involves several steps such as site registration, moderation, waiting for direct requests from buyers, and receiving funds. Payment for rental links, such as through Sape, occurs monthly.

When working on exchanges, it is important to dedicate enough time to the process, since quick processing of new applications will enhance reputation, increasing future customer numbers.

Safe link sales rules include writing an article under the advertiser's anchor, avoiding placing links in articles that have already been indexed, not using more than three selling links in an article, using the anchor naturally, not publishing links to young websites, ensuring the subject of the site matches with the link/article, and avoiding trading temporary links.

It is important to note that search engines do not appreciate artificial manipulations affecting web site rankings, such as buying and selling links. Websites that sell and buy links face the risk of falling under search engine filters, particularly for mass and abrupt movements involving a large number of pieces. Selling expensive eternal links on decent websites can be a viable option that doesn't harm the site. Mass sale of links should be used as the last tool when other monetization methods are unavailable.