Zero ad-revenue from domain parking (at Sedo and Bodis)

Started by ipt, Jun 27, 2022, 05:33 AM

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I parked my domain names on two platforms, Sedo and Bodis (through Dan), with ads, and I want to share the outcomes as a public service. Most of my domains were pointed to Dan and configured with Bodis' domain monetization service, while some were listed on Sedo Parking. In total, ad-parking on these two platforms generated almost no ad revenue, and I had fewer inquiries and sales than before.

As a result, I am returning to clean sales landing pages and putting more effort into making them attractive. Although others may have had similar or better results, ad-parking is not worth it anymore compared to simple landing-sales pages or even a developed site. This was a good learning experience for me, and I hope my info will help others and encourage parking services to improve their systems.


While it's true that individuals can form their own opinions, there may be certain factors that are disregarded. Additionally, the outcome relies heavily on the specific domains involved and the length of time spent evaluating different platforms.
It's plausible that having ads impacted sales and inquiries, but it's also likely that you may have already sold the more valuable names from your list, explaining the decreased interest in the remaining ones. Best of luck!

Koza Dereza

Thank you for sharing your insights and contributing to a more practical understanding of ad-parking. I am curious if you had any domains that generated a considerable per-click advertising revenue or had a significant number of exact searches for two-word phrases?

Recently, I discovered that one of my undeveloped domains had a maximum advertising revenue of $9 per click and received roughly 600 exact google searches for the two words in the .com. Did any of your domains have a high exact search volume and/or robust click revenue? I am contemplating whether to sell, park, or develop it.


Referring to, there is a risk of not only losing your money but also experiencing significant frustration. Although the site appears to be transparent and informative with helpful details on promotions, discounts, and pricing for goods, it can be difficult to track orders. While initial positive reviews left me with no doubts about their honesty, I later faced issues when the website was down for several days, making it impossible to track my order or contact customer service.

When I did finally reach out to technical support, they were dismissive of my concerns, leading me to cancel my order in frustration. I discovered that others on different sites had experienced similar problems with Some claim that it's a fraudulent scheme and that they may disappear and reopen under a different name, leaving buyers without refunds. As such, it is advisable to think carefully and exercise caution when considering purchasing from