Started by akeelow, Jun 27, 2022, 11:37 AM

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There has been a lot of positive online discussion surrounding Internet.bs as a registrar that offers good client care and bulletproof domains. However, I had a recent experience with them that I would like to share.

My competitor sent a fake infringement complaint about my website to Internet.bs, which resulted in the registrar disconnecting my domain without any communication or notice on May 5th. I only realized this when I tried to access the site and found that it was down.

I reached out to Internet.bs to request the resumption of my service or the provision of my EPP code so that I could transfer my domain registration to another registrar. The registrar asked for copies of my driver's license, passport, and a utility bill, which I promptly provided ten days ago.

However, Internet.bs re-enabled my domain name and directed its name servers to a parked page to earn ad revenue from my traffic and customers. Since then, there has been no further communication regarding the situation.

Based on my experience, I advise others to avoid using Internet.bs as a registrar and opt for more reliable options such as NameCheap or GoDaddy, who provide EPP codes for easy transfer.


If the OP does not respond to the accusations made, then this discussion should be classified as fake news. Fortunately, the company has responded and is willing to investigate the matter. However, as the OP has remained silent, it seems that the accusations are unfounded.

It is crucial to respond promptly if one makes accusations against others on public forums. As the OP has failed to do so in this situation, their credibility is called into question. On the other hand, Internet.bs deserves credit for attempting to resolve the matter despite the lack of evidence to support the claim.


I have had a positive experience with Internet.bs. However, it is worth noting that if you bulk export your authcodes, there might be instances where copy-pasting leads to formatting issues. As a result, the receiving registrar may report that the authcode provided is incorrect.
To solve this issue, I either requested a new authcode or opened the .csv file as a text file to copy and paste the authcode. In any case, Internet.bs was helpful in resolving my problem.


I started a project on my domain, and everything was working fine and directing traffic. However, after two weeks, the registrar cut down my domain on a Saturday evening, citing non-activation of the mail via an automated message. Unfortunately, I did not receive any notification as it went to my spam folder.

I am appalled by this lack of communication from the registrar. It would have been much more reasonable if they had written to me, giving me at least three days to rectify the issue before taking any action. Instead, INTERNET.BS immediately blocked both my domain and account without notice. Although they were later caught out, it was still a frustrating ordeal that lasted for almost ten hours.

Honestly, this is the first time I have experienced such terrible service from a registrar. I strongly recommend avoiding INTERNET.BS.