WTF with GoDaddy?

Started by ezhabchik, Jul 08, 2022, 02:37 AM

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ezhabchikTopic starter

Today, I received a letter from GoDaddy thanking me for being their customer and expressing appreciation for my interest in participating in their aftermarket and/or parked page programs. However, they expressed regret that they are unable to list my domain name(s) below in these programs at this time as another person or business owns a trademark that matches one or more of the terms or words contained in my domain name(s).

Despite the domain being absolutely free for registration and containing common words, the special service is not available for my domain name(s). They provided a contact email ( for any questions I may have. Has anyone else faced this situation before? What can be done?


GoDaddy has a policy of not selling domains that contain trademarks through their platform. As a result, any such domains are automatically blacklisted in the auction. I had several domains containing variations of the word "yahoo" but both GoDaddy and Sedo declined to take them. One of the domains could be monetized while the rest had to be dropped.


I do not recommend GoDaddy to anyone based on my recent experience. I paid for a domain mail service 10 days ago and it is still being created. When I requested a refund for the unproven service, I was informed that it was impossible. It turned out that the domain I purchased from them was already registered.

 The support service asked me to wait on the line twice for 50 minutes each time, and in the end, I did not receive a satisfactory answer. They referred me to another service and I was told to wait for 72 hours to receive their response. There is no option to write a complaint and I cannot get a refund. Despite having paid for services, I will not continue to work with them as my experience was terrible. I recommend others to avoid this registrar and instead work with more reliable ones.