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Started by vikov, Jun 19, 2022, 10:51 AM

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A client of mine runs a wholesale shoe business and they're currently facing an issue with organizing their orders from various stores for different shoe models, sizes, and colors. Their aim is to efficiently deliver the total required shoes to their manufacturer. They're looking for software that can help automate and streamline this process.

Although I have looked into ERP software options, I haven't found anything that matches their relatively straightforward requirements. I'm seeking recommendations for open source packages that could assist with this task.


It's unlikely that you'll come across a ready-made solution without requiring some level of customization. However, most ERP systems offer accounting modules that can handle the task with minor adjustments.
 Additionally, specialized accounting packages have the capability to consolidate orders according to your client's requirements.


It's worth checking out Microsoft's Cloud for Retail options, specifically Dynamics365, which includes the option of purchasing only the required licenses and configuring specific features OR the entire suite of Dynamics365 to have access to both CRM and ERP through a single platform,
with complete integration into other Microsoft products such as Outlook and Teams. It's important to view the cost as an investment in the business that will ultimately save time.


I've seen people recommending NetSuite and Acumantica for wholesale business often, also QckBook commerce might work, the problem is most of the ERP software is kinda old now and there are no new programs that came out recently


My Warehouse is an internet-based service that automates trade management for small to medium-sized businesses. The software manages sales and purchases, tracks mutual settlements, handles user management, maintains inventory records, and generates required business documents.

goodwix is a cloud-based service aimed at helping small businesses manage wholesale and corporate sales and purchases. It enables users to accept, place, and manage wholesale orders online and simplifies all transaction communications in a single system.

Remote Representative's order program streamlines the work of managers in large wholesale companies by enabling them to communicate with customers online. This includes providing information about products (such as prices, weight, and stock availability), facilitating order placement, receiving purchase requests, and integrating that information into the accounting program.


There are several open source options available that can help with organizing orders for a wholesale shoe business. Here are a few recommendations:

1. Odoo: Odoo is a popular open source ERP platform that offers a wide range of modules, including inventory management, sales, and manufacturing. It allows you to create purchase orders, track stock levels, and manage customer orders efficiently.

2. Dolibarr: Dolibarr is an open source ERP and CRM software that is known for its simplicity and ease of use. It offers features like sales, purchasing, inventory management, and manufacturing. It can help streamline the process of managing orders across different stores and tracking stock levels.

3. Openbravo: Openbravo is another open source ERP solution that provides comprehensive functionality for managing sales, inventory, and purchasing processes. It offers features like order management, product configuration, and multi-channel sales support.

4. Tryton: Tryton is a flexible and scalable open source ERP platform that can be customized to suit specific business requirements. It offers modules for sales, inventory, and purchase management, making it suitable for managing orders in a wholesale shoe business.

5. ERPNext: ERPNext is an open source ERP software that provides modules for inventory management, sales, purchasing, and manufacturing. It offers features such as barcode scanning, batch tracking, and order fulfillment tools.

6. OpenBoxes: OpenBoxes is a supply chain management and inventory control system that can help streamline the ordering process for your client. It offers features like order management, stock tracking, and demand forecasting.

7. ADempiere: ADempiere is an open source ERP and CRM solution that includes modules for sales, purchasing, and inventory management. It offers features like order processing, pricing management, and warehouse management.

8. Apache OFBiz: Apache OFBiz is an open source enterprise automation software that provides modules for order management, warehouse management, and inventory control. It is highly customizable and can be tailored to fit specific business needs.