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Started by Alekset, Jul 01, 2022, 10:50 AM

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You only need one page of Javascript code to enable URL-based dictionaries in the Android Glossas app.
The hosting provider HostiMan offers a similar resource for free, and I don't believe the traffic will be too heavy for them. If you require a complete website, I can host it here.


The unhelpful response from HostiMan's tech support team negatively impacted our relationship, as they refused to assist me in setting up my store. I had attempted to transfer my store to their web hosting service during a FREE trial period of a PAID plan, solely to test the service, website speed, and experience their support.

My intention was to purchase a package after the trial period, even if it was the cheapest one available. Unfortunately, technical support denied my request to transfer my website, claiming that I was still on the free trial period. This left me unable to fully test their hosting services and support. As a result, I declined their services and am continuing to search for a web hosting provider with more responsive support.