Will the server run heavy modded Rust game?

Started by kosmon, Jun 18, 2022, 12:38 AM

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kosmonTopic starter

Can this PowerEdge T440 server handle running a heavily modified version of the Rust game, given its specifications including an Intel Xeon Silver 4208 processor, 2x 8GB RDIMM memory,
a PERC H730P RAID Controller with 2GB NV Cache, and a single 495W hot-plug power supply along with other features such as iDRAC9 Enterprise and OpenManage Enterprise Advanced?


I would not recommend utilizing this Intel Xeon Silver 4208 processor for hosting a Rust game server. The majority of game server software, including the Rust dedicated server, does not take advantage of several CPU cores. Therefore, a high single thread performance rating is essential, which results in incredibly fast individual cores.

This particular CPU has a low clock speed, which leads to a poor single thread performance rating, similar to some higher-end tablet CPUs. For game servers, it is advisable to use an i7, i9, Ryzen, or, if selecting Intel Xeon/scalable, go with Xeon W chips.

According to https://www.cpubenchmark.net/singleThread.html, any CPU on that list with a rating of 2500 or above is suitable for most modern game server hosting, excluding Apple products and mobile/embedded CPUs.


To achieve significant improvement, it is recommended to obtain a CPU with greater single-core performance. Additionally, it is suggested to replace the existing HDD with a SATA/NVMe SSD.


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