Vantage Data Centers expands to Berlin and Warsaw

Started by john515, Jun 30, 2022, 11:22 AM

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According to Capacity, Vantage has launched its new greenfield campuses in Berlin and Warsaw. The first data center on Vantage's 13-acre campus in Berlin is now complete, while the first facility on the 12-acre campus in Warsaw has also been finished.

Once fully developed, the Berlin campus will offer 32MW of power across 24,000 square metres, and the two-data center campus in Warsaw will provide 48MW of critical IT capacity across 36,000 square metres. Vantage previously broke ground on both projects in 2021 following its European launch in early 2020. Additionally, Vantage already has campuses in Frankfurt, Zurich, and Cardiff, and is planning to build second campuses in Berlin and Frankfurt, and new campuses in Milan and Johannesburg.


Data centers offer several advantages such as constant humidity, a dust-free environment, constant temperature, regulated electricity supply, server maintenance, noise suppression, and the use of multiple internet providers. These factors contribute to the proper functioning of servers by preventing static electricity, condensation, dust-related damage, overheating, and downtime.

The equipment is also kept secure through the use of modern video surveillance systems. While managing servers in an office space may seem more cost-effective, it involves risks of downtime, equipment breakdown, high energy costs, and safety standards. Data centers provide a more reliable solution by ensuring uninterrupted operation, preventing rapid obsolescence, and partnering with multiple organizations to reroute traffic and protect systems from hаcking.


Vantage Data Centers is a leading provider of wholesale data center solutions and colocation services. They specialize in designing, building, and operating highly reliable and scalable data centers to meet the needs of their enterprise and hyperscale customers.

Founded in 2010, Vantage has established a strong presence in the data center industry with a growing portfolio of state-of-the-art facilities. They currently operate data centers across North America, Europe, and soon in Africa.

Vantage's data centers are designed to deliver high levels of security, reliability, and efficiency. They prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility in their operations, incorporating energy-efficient technologies and renewable energy sources.

In addition to their wholesale data center offerings, Vantage also provides flexible colocation services. They offer a range of deployment options, including private suites, dedicated cages, and individual cabinets, to accommodate various customer requirements.

With a focus on customer satisfaction and operational excellence, Vantage aims to deliver exceptional service and support to their clients. They work closely with their customers to understand their unique needs and provide tailored solutions to meet their specific business requirements.

Overall, Vantage Data Centers continues to expand its global footprint and solidify its position as a trusted provider of data center solutions for enterprises and hyperscale companies.