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Started by PrimoPierotz, Sep 06, 2022, 12:04 AM

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Essentially, the issue at hand is that there was a website on an old virtual hosting service that needed to be transferred to a VPS. Consequently, Centos was ordered and installed, and the Centos web panel was connected. Additionally, the registrar changed the DNS to match those provided with access to the VPS. After the switch, however, the registrar's site became unavailable. Despite waiting for some time, no progress was made in identifying the problem.

It is clear that there is an issue with the DNS entry, but the exact location of the problem remains unknown. Therefore, assistance is required to identify where the mistake is.


It appears that the DNS provided for the VPS might not be the correct ones to associate with the domains. It is important to note that the DNS given to the VPS are used to resolve everything within the VPS, such as or, instead of being the ones on which domain names should be attached.

Considering this issue, it is crucial to think logically about how the DNS will identify the domain names added to the VPS. Since there may not be an opportunity to edit the DNS records given, a solution must be found.

One possibility is to launch a DNS server on the VPS or utilize a third-party service like Cloudflare to resolve the issue. Overall, it is essential to ensure the correct DNS are used to associate with the domains and avoid potential issues.


To transfer resource records to a new hosting provider, one needs to ensure that DNS is registered in the Personal Account of the new hosting provider. In the process of transfer, it is important to configure MX and NS records correctly to prevent issues such as incorrect configuration of MX records. MX records help inform mail programs where the desired mail server is located, and if they are not transferred correctly, site owners may be left without mail on the domain for a long time.

Additionally, it is crucial to configure NS records correctly by redirecting the domain to the new hosting. This can be achieved by changing the records of type A by specifying the IP address of the new server. It's worth noting that if the NS records of the domain are filled in incorrectly, the site will not work when updating DNS servers.

In certain scenarios, such as when the client has multiple websites hosted on the previous hosting provider, it is not necessary to edit NS records and move DNS to another location. Instead, only records of type A need to be changed by specifying the IP address of the new server. Finally, it is possible that NS records and DNS can be stored and edited in one place, such as in the case of our client who purchased their domain through a provider with both hosting and domain registration services. In this case, there is no need to edit NS records or move DNS to another location, as specifying a new IP address in a record of type A will suffice.