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Started by Nizam18, Aug 10, 2022, 04:02 AM

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Nizam18Topic starter

Can you assist me in selecting a virtual hosting service? After reading numerous reviews, I have become overwhelmed. My intention is to switch from my present hosting provider to a different one, and I am currently considering hostland, timeweb, and handyhost.

I'm wondering if anybody has any experiences with these hosting providers to share, both positive and negative, as I would appreciate hearing your opinions. Alternatively, can you suggest another provider? My primary criteria are as follows: I intend to host 2-3 small websites (with 15 GB of disk space) on the hosting, it should cost no more than $5 per month, and website response time should be quick.

Furthermore, I have a few additional questions:
- Are there any implications for website visibility in search engines when changing hosting providers?
- Is it possible to transfer domain names, and should a fee be paid at the new hosting provider, or does the domain remain with the old hosting provider?


Compare reviews to determine individual preferences. One's perception of quality may differ from another's.

It can be frustrating when websites take a long time to load or stop completely. This highlights the need for reliable hosting providers that offer technical support and various additional options, such as antivirus software and callback forms, as well as domain transfer services.

Therefore, it is recommended to seek out global reviews online to gather comprehensive opinions on various hosting providers.

We have had success with French dedicated for two years. The quick access and 24-hour technical assistance have been particularly beneficial. Additionally, the tariffs are reasonable.


The type of hosting service you choose is dependent on your goals. If the website is for personal use, a service with basic features will suffice. However, if it is for business purposes, additional functions should be available.