Andy Booth of MediaX .com & Paradise .com threatens life of NFT holder

Started by musorhik, Jun 24, 2022, 03:43 AM

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Like many others, I invested in the NFT project Paradise Trippies by Andy Booth of and James Booth of Unfortunately, the project has been a complete disaster due to the incompetence of the founders and team. Despite this, we have not received what was originally promised and I have expressed my concerns openly.

Shockingly, Andy Booth threatened my life and my family's lives without any provocation. I have never threatened him or his family, so his response was both vicious and undeserved. I am willing to answer any questions, but it is important that the public knows about this serious issue with Andy.


It seems like there is a deeper context to this situation. The threat was made only in response to a perceived action towards his brother, so it appears that there may be a history between the two of them that you have not mentioned.

Perhaps this conversation would be better suited for a more private and informal setting rather than a public domain discussion forum.


It appears that you are attempting to re-open old issues and topics related to the founders of the project, such as their history with NameJet. The project has been running for over a year now, and it was your choice to invest in it. Investing in Bitcoin does not guarantee success or prosperity. You knew that investing in the NFT field was a risky investment, yet you still chose to invest.

Despite this, the Paradise team has put a lot of effort into making the project successful. They have purchased unique and valuable domains, verified the project account in Opensea quickly, and done a lot to ensure the success of the project. They even minted 10 thousand Trippies within 24 hours, which is an impressive achievement.

Your lack of success in sales does not reflect the failure of the project, but rather the failure of your investment. As for the threats, it's unclear what happened, but it appears that Andy only threatened in response to a perceived threat towards his brother James. In any case, all of the founders - Andy, James, and Shane - are good people who have been successful in the domain names industry. Ultimately, it's important to remember that investing is always a risk and success is never guaranteed.


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