Just a question to zak muskovitch, custodian of domainers.

Started by #vikup34, Jun 22, 2022, 05:43 AM

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Zak Muscovitch, a lawyer, is being questioned. The person asking him wonders if he is the sole representative of all domainers worldwide or whether all domainers survive because of him. The person also points out that Zak takes sides and is not neutral. The person does not understand why Zak blocked them after they posted the truth about Lawyer Ankir Raheja from India.

They suspect that Zak may have blocked them because Raheja regularly invites Zak to India and offers him free food and drinks. However, as a domainer, the person believes they are entitled to share the truth about Raheja. Zak's decision to block them on Twitter suggests that he is not neutral. As a lawyer, Zak should be impartial and give everyone an equal opportunity to express their views. The person hopes Zak will learn these basic principles of court law and justice. Thank you.


I am a member of ICA but I don't understand what you are referring to. Can you please explain it more clearly and elaborately so that people can easily understand your point?