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Started by michaello, Jul 24, 2022, 06:01 PM

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michaelloTopic starter

Hello there! I am involved in promoting hosting services and I am considering supplementing the usual methods with advertising on Instagram. Can you advise me if this would be a worthwhile approach?


Hello! In case of promotion: of course, Instagram is worth to be considered as advertising platform! A lot of people are interested in websites in our days, however advertising should be targeted. But there are many specialists, so you will easily find one.

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 Hello! You know, there is a good side to posting ads on the social network Instagram, and there is a bad side. Let me try to explain to you, as mentioned above, advertising should be targeted, that is, a certain audience. The good side is that it is effective, you can promote anything (but not illegal anything). And the bad side is account blocking, because of the high activity Instagram can delete accounts, and of course in this case you should contact specialists).


Proper preparation is crucial for a successful hosting promotion on Instagram. It's important to analyze and use the necessary tools before setting up targeted advertising, especially for sales. Before starting an advertising campaign, ensure that your target audience is on Instagram and your profile is ready to receive traffic. Bloggers should also consider the target portrait and user interests to increase awareness.

Understanding the sales funnel and predicting the sales cycle is also important. Additionally, make sure you have adequately assessed your chances and budget, as the effectiveness of hosting advertising depends on analyzing the money spent on attracting clients. You can also calculate the cost per lead by determining the funds spent on the desired action of the user.