Errors in knowledge security

Started by JustinC, Aug 24, 2022, 03:25 AM

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Many people understand that making mistakes can have serious consequences.

However, information security is a broader concept than just the IT industry, and mistakes in ensuring it can affect anyone. Small and medium-sized businesses are particularly vulnerable to knowledge theft, but many owners are unaware of leaks due to a lack of tracking and analysis tools. Data leakage affects everyone in the 21st century, from vile insiders to employees who don't know basic security rules. Leaks of financial documents and hаckers exploiting vulnerabilities can have serious consequences, up to bankruptcy.

Backing up information can help restore work if an incident occurs. Large corporations spend funds to ensure protection, but small and medium-sized businesses are most vulnerable to potential threats. An incident at Heathrow airport, where a flash drive containing detailed information about security systems was found, highlights the need for serious correction of procedures and the potential for reputational losses and investigations.

In 2017, Equifax, one of the largest credit bureaus in the US, suffered from a hаcking incident that led to the loss of personal data of almost half the country's population. This included social security numbers, dates of birth, and driver's license numbers. More than 200,000 Americans also had their credit card numbers stolen. The incident caused the company's stock price to fall significantly. In addition to these financial losses, there have been cases of leaked intiмate photos of celebrities that have caused reputational damage.

 During World War I, there were also cases of electronic espionage, such as French interception of a message from the German Foreign Office to the French government declaring war, which gave France invaluable time to mobilize. The British intelligence services also intercepted and decoded German messages for three years without detection, even giving a hint to their American allies about Germany's plan to push Mexico into the war.


To provide reliable protection for information, it is necessary to implement a set of diverse measures that prevent unauthorized access, monitor for threats, and eliminate any breaches. The aim of these measures is to safeguard against damage, distortion, blocking, or copying of information. It is essential that all these tasks are addressed simultaneously to ensure full-fledged protection and security. In addition, regular audits, updates, and improvements to security systems are necessary to maintain protection against evolving threats and vulnerabilities.


It is important to pay attention not only to this aspect of security, but also to the fact that now almost all companies doing online business are required to comply with all legal requirements and "know your customer". Any dubious transactions can also lead to the loss of the site, e-wallet, business. Therefore, it is necessary to observe business hygiene first of all. Then there is less chance to get on hаckers and suffer.


Insiders are a main threat to information security, as employees may use company resources for personal gain or take valuable information with them when they leave. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to hаcker attacks due to their simpler security systems. The WannaCry and Petya viruses have caused significant damage to both small and large companies. While the media often focuses on the effects on larger companies, smaller businesses can also suffer significant losses of productivity.

It is important for all businesses to recognize the potential risks of information leakage and take steps to protect their data. In the modern era, information security is a vital concern for every organization, regardless of size or industry. Implementing robust security measures and maintaining up-to-date systems is critical in safeguarding against insider threats and cyber-attacks.