AdSense, there are impressions but no any clicks

Started by Ghazala, Aug 30, 2022, 09:26 AM

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GhazalaTopic starter

Could you explain the reason behind the sudden drop in clicks to 0, and why there appears to be no income? Despite impressions and spinning advertising, no clicks have been recorded since yesterday, whereas previously there were 10-20 daily. When inquiring within the Google AdSense community, a possible answer was that the users have lost interest in the advertising, but it is highly unlikely to be 0 clicks.

Upon closer inspection, it was discovered that the ad blocks had been adjusted a few days prior. The sidebar featured two blocks, one static and one moving while scrolling, which overlapped each other causing an issue. This was corrected last night, yet the statistics still show 0 clicks, even though there were definitely clicks made.


Perhaps there has been a significant decrease in traffic to the website? It might be worth investigating if the automatic blocks are connected and functioning properly, as this could be causing the lack of clicks. Additionally, it would be helpful to have screenshots to better understand the situation.

The details provided are somewhat unclear; was the issue only present on certain devices or resolutions, or was it happening across all platforms?


Sometimes, despite having a large amount of traffic and clicks on your website, the income remains low due to a low cost-per-click (CPC) rate for your site. The main factor that influences Google's payment for ad clicks is the level of competition among advertisers, as this determines the prices formed during the auction process. If there are many advertisers, then the prices will be higher, but if there are few or none, there is no incentive for them to pay higher rates. Therefore, it is important to select a profitable website theme in order to maximize income.

However, if you have already built your website and have discovered that its subject matter is commercially unattractive, there may be little you can do except to start building a new site. It should be noted that creating a truly profitable website for earning money through Google AdSense is not an easy task, and requires careful consideration of many factors - even before the construction of the site itself.

Despite these challenges, using the Step-by-Step earnings system in Google AdSense can significantly simplify the task of building profitable websites, resulting in consistent and significant income for many years.




There could be a few potential reasons for the sudden drop in clicks and lack of income despite impressions and active advertising. Firstly, it is possible that users have indeed lost interest in the advertisements, although it is unlikely for the click count to drop to zero suddenly. Another possibility is that there might be a technical issue impacting the tracking of clicks.

You mentioned that the ad blocks were adjusted a few days ago, with two blocks overlapping each other on the sidebar. This could have caused issues with the visibility and accessibility of the ads, potentially leading to a decrease in clicks. Although you mentioned that this issue was corrected, it is possible that the statistics are not yet reflecting the actual clicks made since the correction.

To further investigate this issue, it may be helpful to review the click tracking mechanisms and ensure they are functioning correctly. Additionally, monitoring the user behavior and engagement with the advertisements after the correction was made could provide more insights into whether the issue has been fully resolved or if further adjustments are needed.

In addition to the technical issues and user engagement factors I previously mentioned, there are a few other possibilities to consider when trying to understand the sudden drop in clicks and income.

1. Seasonal or temporary factors: Sometimes clicks and ad revenue can fluctuate based on external factors such as holidays, events, or changes in user behavior. It's worth considering if any such factors could be influencing the current situation.

2. Ad placement and visibility: Even after correcting the ad block overlap issue, it's important to ensure that the ads are properly placed and easily visible to users. If they are hidden or not positioned attractively, it can lead to lower click-through rates.

3. Ad targeting and relevancy: Ads that are not relevant to the target audience may result in fewer clicks. Reviewing the ad campaigns and ensuring they are correctly targeted to the right audience can help improve click rates.

4. Ad fatigue: Users may become fatigued or disinterested in seeing the same advertisements repeatedly. It's possible that the ads have been shown to the same set of users multiple times, leading to a decrease in clicks. Rotating the ads or introducing new creative content can help combat ad fatigue.