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Started by sergiocharm, Jun 20, 2022, 02:36 AM

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sergiocharmTopic starter

Could you assist me in finding a bulk checker that is free for TF/CF (Majestic trust flow / citation flow)?


At majestic dot com, one can sign up to obtain the service for free. Registration is not even required to perform individual lookups.


Majestic SEO is an outstanding service for search engine optimizers, particularly those involved in foreign website optimization. The platform offers a vast collection of useful tools that allow users to view inbound links to specific web pages or domains, paid links, new incoming links, and more. To take advantage of all the features, I had to register and subscribe to a paid plan, selecting the economy package (Silver Quarterly) among options ranging from 27 to 240 pounds.

Majestic SEO has a constantly updated database along with various special news that explain how the entire system of sites on the Internet functions. While the site may be most suited for experienced professionals, it can still be useful for those creating their own sites. Although I haven't mastered all the functions yet, I believe that my lack of experience accounts for it, rather than shortcomings in the service.