Anybody here is using Amazon Chime instead of Zoom?

Started by ANDRYUb, Jun 18, 2022, 12:20 AM

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ANDRYUbTopic starter

Hi there, I'm considering using Amazon Chime for meetings with over 300 attendees (although these meetings aren't that common), since it seems like Zoom takes too long (3 business days) to enable that functionality.
What's your opinion?


From our perspective, we haven't been acquainted with this service before.
 However, we find it easier to use typical applications such as Zoom or Telegram's voice conference feature.


Personally, I use Zoom, which has a number of disadvantages. I have a small business and a monthly payment of $ 15 does not suit me very much. Another problem is the rapid discharge of smartphones from my interlocutors. I would also like to know about alternatives to using this program. ::)


Amazon Chime can be a great solution for small businesses that have remote employees or those who are away. It offers various features like audio and video communication, multi-participant meetings, and webinar hosting capabilities.

The program is user-friendly and should not be too difficult to learn if you are familiar with other Amazon products. Overall, it's a convenient and efficient tool for businesses with remote teams.