How to stimulate webhosting provider for adequacy?

Started by metallexportprom, Jul 27, 2022, 12:59 PM

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Hey there!

Can you suggest ways to encourage a hosting provider to resolve a conflict situation instead of simply avoiding it?

To be brief: My VPS was deleted by the hosting provider before the end of the paid period, and despite my request for backups, they only offer a refund. I did not violate any terms, all I said was that I was planning to switch providers. I have already left negative reviews on several websites, but they refuse to provide backups and instead threaten legal action.

What other options do I have to motivate the hosting provider to address the issue and provide backups? Time is passing, and it will only become more difficult to retrieve the data later. While I am open to resolving this legally, I still need the backups and the provider remains unresponsive.

It all seems like a needless hassle to me, so I would appreciate hearing from the host's perspective.


I'm not exactly sure how to motivate them. The situation is such that they are withholding the backups; either they no longer have them or they never had them to begin with.

If I understand correctly, you indicated that you are switching providers, left negative reviews, and removed your VPS. If that's the case, it may be worth considering legal action, including seeking compensation for damages. However, if that approach is not feasible, then negotiating with them directly may be necessary to secure some sort of resolution.


The USA is the leading country in web hosting services, which has resulted in an abundance of providers numbering in the tens of thousands. They employ various marketing tactics such as promotions and discount coupons to attract users amidst fierce competition, though customer retention through uninterrupted service is crucial. Most of these providers offer fixed costs for unlimited resources rather than developing different plans.

European providers, on the other hand, place more value on each individual client due to a decreasing demographic. For Europeans, quality takes precedence over quantity, resulting in higher prices for web hosting services compared to their American counterparts. Despite the rapid growth of the domestic web hosting market, domestic providers still trail behind foreign competitors with more experience and advanced technology.