Can subdomains lower the position of main website

Started by jeyavinoth, Aug 12, 2022, 04:38 AM

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jeyavinothTopic starter

The website was having issues on pages 5-6, so it was moved to a hosting provider in a more peaceful area during a period of unrest. As per your advice, irrelevant pages were removed and 50 links were purchased. The website has now reached 2 pages and is stable there.

It's unclear whether the transfer to another hosting provider, cleaning pages or purchasing links had an impact on the success of the website. However, the previous hosting provider had a spam-filled forum attached to the website on a subdomain. The spam was removed, but the question now is whether to reattach the forum to the site on the new hosting account or not. Would it lead to more spamming, or perhaps people will start discussing topics? Does a subdomain forum negatively affect the website's rankings if it gets spammed again?


If the website speed has improved due to better hardware from the new hosting provider, it can positively impact the website. Additionally, if traffic is coming from Google, then snares can also boost the website's rankings. However, cleaning pages that aren't relevant to the website's topic can have both positive and negative effects, depending on whether traffic was impacted by those pages.

Personally, I would avoid attaching a spammed forum to the website as it can affect the website's trustworthiness. It may be better to create a separate website for the forum and manage it meticulously.

If the website's position has significantly improved, then all the changes made to it have had a positive impact. So, there may not be any need to make further changes.


I am intrigued by the specifics of how this works. Let's consider one possible factor: if your domain uses the secure https protocol, this doesn't automatically apply to a subdomain. In Yandex search, clicking on the subdomain may not immediately take you to the intended page, and you'll need to make an exception. Many choose to skip this and simply log into the subdomain.

I'm curious about how links between a domain and subdomain work when they're entirely separate websites.