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Started by Иван, Jul 13, 2022, 09:05 AM

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I am interested in beginning my education in HTML. Could you recommend any resources, such as books or courses, to help me learn? Additionally, if you have any suggestions for a newcomer, please let me know. Lastly, what is essential knowledge for someone working with websites beyond just HTML?


There are the following books on HTML and CSS:

1. B. Lawson, R. Sharp — Learning HTML 5.
2. P. Lubbers — HTML 5 for professionals.
3. C. Mussiano, B. Kennedy — HTML & XHTML. Detailed guide.
4. Ben Henick — HTML and CSS are the way to perfection.
5. Drones.В.-.HTML .5.CSS.3.and.Web 2.0.Development.modern.Web sites.


I advise you to start by studying the entire process of creating a site and creating HTML, find out what tags and attributes are for, their types and applications.
These books will help make your learning process easier: "Learning HTML, XHTML, and CSS (Head First). Elizabeth Robson, Eric Freeman"; "Creating custom websites using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS and HTML5. Robin Nixon" or "HTML5 and CSS3 for dummies. Chris Minnick, Ed Tittel".


This is a multi-stage process, but once you start, then you yourself will easily determine both the direction of study and auxiliary tools: books, specialized web resources, videos. For example, I finally decided that video tutorials are most convenient for me, on YouTube in particular. Not even a special professional can significantly advance your abilities, knowledge and skills in any field.
The only advice about books - pay attention not to the amount of knowledge presented, but to the convenience of reading, the availability of material for you. :D


My advice to you is to start by learning how to create a website and HTML, determine what tags and attributes are for, their types and scope. Book: Learning HTML, XHTML and CSS. Elizabeth Robson, Eric Freeman. ;)


1/ video tutorials in the furnace!
2/ books - "100 main principles of design. How to keep your Attention" by Susan Weinshank, Bestsellers series Peter O'Reilly Publishing House, etc.
3/ websites


We are currently studying various resources that cover HTML, XHTML, and CSS. One of these resources, "Head First," is suitable for both beginners and professionals as it provides simple examples for starting a website from scratch. While it is not considered a modern reference, it is useful for understanding the fundamentals of HTML 5 programming. For CSS, we recommend the most recent edition of the "Big CSS Book," which focuses on creating dynamic and fast web pages using CSS3 markup.

We also suggest the "Creating Dynamic Websites" book for those who want to understand website software and server-level functionality. It covers the principles of HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL database operations. "HTML5 Development of Applications for Mobile Devices" is an explanatory guide that teaches web and mobile application mechanisms, HTML5 and CSS3 layout and markup languages, and API operation.

For those who want to learn how to work with HTML and CSS, "The HTML and CSS Book: Website Development and Design" presents visual examples with real code fragments on each page while teaching the principles of page layout and markup. Meanwhile, "The Big Book of Web Design" is great for creating sites that look great on a range of devices, with sections on SEO and monetizing web projects. Lastly, "How to Create a Website: Comics Guide to HTML, CSS, and WordPress" is an enjoyable read for those who want to learn HTML, CSS, and WordPress in a fun way.