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Started by Сергей Нижегородцев, Jun 19, 2022, 08:18 AM

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Hey there,

Have you heard about the new feature of CloudLinux called AccelerateWP?


Preliminary observations suggest that Redis object cache may not be a panacea for enhancing the speed of WordPress sites. In fact, only about 6-8% of WP sites on standard shared servers are likely to benefit from object cache improvements.
For a significant number (around 20%) of sites, it may lead to poorer performance. Hence, indiscriminately adding object cache is not a viable remedy. The key lies in identifying where and when it should be implemented to gain maximum advantage.

CloudLinux Shared Pro now comes with AcellerateWP at no additional charge, incorporating generic optimizations for all sites.

For AcellerateWP Premium, which offers several other performance enhancement capabilities like shortcode caching, query caching, and more, the service will be applied on a per-site basis, where it can make a tangible difference. However, extensive work is involved in assessing and tackling each site's particular edge cases, and it may only be beneficial for around 3-5% of sites.

 Nonetheless, this step ultimately proves rewarding as it involves identifying scenarios to deduce when the solution will be advantageous and when it won't. By investing heavily in such situations, we hope to provide valuable assistance to site owners while also supporting hosting providers' efforts to solve WP performance issues.


The AccelerateWP solution comprises optimization modules that empower clients to detect and fix performance problems affecting both server and application levels. These modules are readily available from cPanel control panel's feature manager. They include:

1. Website Optimization Module: This automatic WordPress plugin allows site owners to govern optimization options for their WP websites, such as page and image caching, CSS and JS caching, lazy loading to display requested content only, and cache, URL, and font preloading.

2. Object Cache module: This advanced caching functionality based on Redis is accessible as a WP plugin that can be personalized according to individual user and website needs.

The module facilitates enabling optimization for CSS and JavaScript files, preload caching, which is beneficial for initial site visits, and a range of sophisticated rules to manage WP Heartbeat, the protocol that facilitates communication between browsers and webservers. Additionally, Large Text Object Caching and shortcode caching (coming soon) are also included in the module.


It is a performance optimization technology specifically designed for WordPress websites. By using advanced caching techniques and optimizing resource allocation, it aims to significantly improve the speed and overall performance of WordPress sites hosted on CloudLinux servers. This can lead to faster page load times, improved user experience, and better search engine rankings for WordPress websites.

AccelerateWP from CloudLinux is built on top of their existing CloudLinux OS, which is a popular operating system for web hosting providers. It uses a unique combination of technologies to optimize the performance of WordPress sites.

One of the key features of AccelerateWP is its advanced caching mechanism. It caches dynamic and static content at various levels, including the webserver level, PHP opcode level, and database query level. This helps reduce the load on the server and improves response times.

AccelerateWP also employs resource allocation techniques to ensure that the server resources are distributed efficiently among different websites hosted on the same server. It intelligently manages CPU, memory, disk I/O, and network resources to prevent any single website from hogging all the resources and causing slowdowns for others.

In addition to these optimizations, AccelerateWP offers other performance-enhancing features such as image optimization, code minification, and HTTP/2 support. These features further contribute to faster page load times and better overall performance.

Here are a few more details about CloudLinux's AccelerateWP:

1. Scalability: AccelerateWP is designed to handle high-traffic websites and manage resources efficiently. It automatically scales resources based on the website's needs, ensuring optimal performance even during peak loads.

2. Advanced Caching: AccelerateWP employs various caching techniques to reduce server load and improve website speed. It utilizes technologies like Full Page Cache (FPC), PerformanceCache, and Redis to cache both dynamic and static content, resulting in faster response times.

3. Website Optimization: Along with caching, AccelerateWP offers optimization features such as minification of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files. This helps reduce file sizes and improves loading times for visitors.

4. Image Optimization: The feature also includes image optimization capabilities that automatically compress and optimize images without compromising quality. This reduces file sizes and further enhances page loading speed.

5. Resource Isolation: CloudLinux's core technology, LVE (Lightweight Virtual Environment), isolates each website on the server. This isolation prevents resource-hungry websites from affecting others, ensuring consistent performance for all websites hosted on the server.

6. Easy Implementation: AccelerateWP is designed to be user-friendly and easy to implement. It can be integrated seamlessly into existing WordPress installations without requiring any significant changes to the website or server configuration.

By incorporating these features, CloudLinux's AccelerateWP aims to provide a comprehensive solution for optimizing the performance of WordPress websites, making them faster, more reliable, and scalable.