jetbackup v4 or v5?

Started by JSImediaJS123, Jul 01, 2022, 08:45 AM

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Are you using JetBackup v4 or v5?
Do you suggest v5?

I have been using v4 for a while.
I haven't encountered any major problems with it.

Now that I have a new server,
I'm considering installing v5.
Do you have any recommendations or experience with it?


Suppose you only have a JetBackup backup of a cPanel account, and you approach another cPanel host who doesn't use JetBackup. Your backup cannot be restored unless they manually retrieve databases, files, email accounts, etc. This is not ideal because there is a possibility that some data may be missed, which is a problem that can be avoided if a host restores a full cPanel backup.

In an ideal scenario, you should be able to generate a "normal" full cPanel backup using the cPanel Backup Wizard. However, some hosts that use third-party backup systems like JetBackup disable this functionality, leaving you with either JetBackup's backups or nothing, aside from any application-level backups you may take, such as backupbuddy.

Although it's not a critical issue, dealing with it can be challenging. It would be more convenient for end-users and hosts if JetBackup 5 used cPanel's native data structure instead.


In my experience, JetBackup 4 is a highly reliable product that does its job well. I have found JetBackup 5 to be less reliable when restoring accounts. I faced some issues during a couple of full cPanel server restores using JB5 which required manual intervention. Some of the problems I encountered include:

- When restoring accounts to a server with a different IP from the one that generated the backup, JB5 didn't update the DNS zones to point to the new IP.
- Some accounts would only restore if I turned on the "Allow unregistered domains" option in WHM > Tweak Settings before running the restore.
- DNS zones were restored with incorrect ownership.
- Although I can't recall the exact details, I also ran into an issue when trying to restore a suspended account.

They acknowledged the DNS zone IP issue as a bug and gave me a case number, but it hasn't shown up in any of the changelogs.

If JetBackup 4 were compatible with CentOS 8/AlmaLinux, I'd prefer to use it over JB5. However, we must hope for the bugs to be fixed. Many of the issues seem to stem from the custom file backup file structure mentioned earlier. As I see it, they must now use various cPanel API calls to restore different aspects of an account and then bring the files across, whereas before, they could use the built-in cPanel restorepkg script, which always worked flawlessly.


JetBackup is an excellent backup solution for cPanel accounts. It allows you to quickly and efficiently create backups using cPanel Remote or local incremental backups, among other backup schemes.

JetBackup features include:

Incremental backups
JetBackup utilizes "incremental incremental backups," which require less space (using hard links) to back up accounts! For a 4 GB cPanel account with 18 days of backup, only 4 GB plus 18 days' worth of new/modified files will be used!

CloudLinux support
JetBackup is supported by CloudLinux, enabling you to put the backup process in LVE.

Each user of cPanel hosting can work independently with backups through the net interface of the hosting panel without requiring technical support.

Multiple destinations
You may assign as many backup destinations as you want, including local backups, remote SSH, remote FTP, Amazon S3, and Dropbox!

And much more...