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Started by Sereda_V_V, Jul 01, 2022, 01:39 AM

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We have recently received some new orders, and one of them was sent from an IP address located in the state of Illinois in the United States. However, it is important to note that our company,, does not provide services such as Cable, Fiber, Dialup, Mobile Internet - 4G to individual users.

Therefore, we suspect that this order might be a fake, a fraud, or spam. We tried to contact the customer by phone, but unfortunately, we could not reach them. As a result, we decided to cancel the order and issue a refund. We would like to ask for your opinion on web hosting experts and whether you believe we made the right decision in this scenario.


Whether or not I would accept an order would depend on several factors. For instance, if the payment is made using a credit card that is known to be vulnerable to fraudulent activities and chargeback fees, and the order seems suspicious or deviates from a typical order pattern, then I may hesitate before accepting it. However, if the payment is made using cryptocurrency that cannot be reversed, my decision may differ.

While some people use proxies or VPNs for privacy purposes, others may use them due to country restrictions such as the Chinese GFW. As such, I do not believe in rejecting such orders outright but instead think that having a good sense of what a normal order looks like in one's business can help determine whether an order is genuine or not.

Recently, we received an order with a large number of suspicious-looking domain names paid for by card. Although no system flagged it as fraudulent, our instincts told us that something was off. We cancelled and refunded the order and banned their IP address. Shortly afterwards, we received another order with new details, including a different credit card, but still featuring the same nonsensical domains. At that moment, we were sure that our instincts were right, and the person behind the orders had nefarious intentions.
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In today's world, it is common for people who value their privacy to use a VPN. The majority of VPN users are honest and legitimate individuals. Therefore, I do not suggest blocking orders solely because they are not originating from a residential IP address. However, the decision ultimately depends on the type of product or service being sold.
 For example, if you sell web hosting or something that can be easily cancelled without incurring losses, it may be best to be less restrictive with your order acceptance process.


In such a situation, you need to double-check everything well. If the IP address is not working, then it is better, of course, not to accept the order. Maybe it's just a false order or the person just made a mistake. I think so.


Check his IP and credit card information, orders like this looks suspicious. They might use VPN or pay with their credit card for chargeback, if this user didn't left any information they might be just spamming. Block this IP for the security of your site.


Such clients do not inspire confidence. If the data provided by the clients does not converge, or there is no data on the company's activities on the Internet at all, then most likely this person wants to pull off a gray deal. It is better to cancel such orders to avoid unnecessary problems.


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Is the order is acceptable or not is depend on so many factors.
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