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Started by CrazyNorth, Jun 29, 2022, 05:41 AM

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Our website,, offers a range of services such as Business Website Design, Automated SEO Plans, Link Building services, and Blogger Outreach Services for clients, both domestically and internationally. Would it be possible to receive feedback on our website's design?
Thank you in advance.


In general, I appreciate the layout design and do not believe it contains excessive ornamental elements. However, in terms of search engine optimization (SEO), I think the webpages are too generalized and unlikely to appear in relevant searches.
Perhaps incorporating specific long-tail keywords relating to a particular location could help attract local clients.
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The website load time is slow, taking around 5 seconds. The use of CamelCase is apparent in various elements of the website, but not on the email addresses found on the footer and Contact Us page. Additionally, the email address on the footer does not fit in one line. The website has been indexed with around 123 pages on Google, which is commendable. However, the header seems a bit thick, and it reduces the screen's size.

Rather than just reading about them, I would like to see more of the services you offer when I click on the "Trusted by Businesses & Online Retailers including:" links.

It would be an improvement to make the website load faster on mobile devices and ensure that the email address appears in one line on mobile too.

Great job with the SEO work, you clearly know what you're doing. Additionally, the thumbnail image on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook is eye-catching if you choose to share a link. I've learned some new things from your website and will bookmark it. Is it all manageable through cPanel and wp-admin?


The website is comparable to an overweight doctor advising patients to eat healthily. If you claim to be a design expert, the opposite is reflected in the website's current state. The logo appears dated, and the website contains an excess of information, with multiple elements fighting for attention spans, causing it to load slowly. Moreover, the "web design examples" section does not respond. Several other individuals have mentioned flaws from an SEO standpoint.

From a branding perspective, it would have been better to select a name that is memorable and brandable.

Is the website terrible? No. Is it optimized for sales or SEO? No. Will some potential clients be put off? Probably. Nevertheless, most visitors may not know or care about any of these issues. However, they will have a short attention span and prefer browsing easily digestible content on a website.

You could focus on improving your website and striving for perfection, but in my experience, it's better to acquire clients first. If you encounter ranking problems or traffic-generating issues, address them after getting money coming in. Prioritize what's crucial to your business. It's easy to become overly preoccupied with logos, names, or websites - especially when you're a designer.


 :-\ The first impression, frankly, is not impressive.
It seems to me that a site with such a focus should impress the client. Some kind of zest should be - it is not. Only some standard, and outdated...


The website has an average design and appears to contain typical SEO elements. It lacks uniqueness and is unlikely to succeed online.

It would be best to pay the designer to finish the website's design, as they could create something better than what currently exists for even $50.