Where to buy .bh domain name?

Started by xGhost, Jun 23, 2022, 07:28 AM

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xGhostTopic starter

Can you recommend the top website for purchasing a .bh domain?
I would appreciate your prompt response.


I'm having issues with the 101 website as the dropdown menus aren't functioning properly. The cost for a .bh Trustee/Proxy is $400 USD per year and with additional fees, the total comes to $620 per year.


Olipso makes it simple to purchase .bh domains in Bahrain. Since 2011, Olipso has been an experienced domain hosting company who can register the most affordable .bh domain extension. To identify the owner of a Bahrain domain with a registered .bh extension, simply access the Check Domain page for information. Once you request the desired domain name, you can check its availability and proceed with purchasing the .bh domain.

Atakdomain is a Turkish company that specializes in domain registration for various countries including Bahrain, operating since 2004. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to acquire your desired domain name. Atakdomain is recognized as a leading company in Turkey for registering domains internationally.