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Started by richardBranson, Jul 25, 2022, 09:57 AM

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Would anyone be willing to share their successful or modest sales of the year?

Thus far, I have only been spending. I currently possess 35 domain names across various zones, but the past three years have only yielded a single sale, amounting to around $50. While it may seem like an asset, from a financial standpoint it holds little value. I do not wish to abandon it altogether, but carrying it seems pointless. What advice would you offer in this situation?


This year, a sale was made for $37,000, which is slightly over 15% in CCTLD. However, no sales have been made in the .de zone. As a result, it has been determined that it is futile to search for a lost object under a lamp post when it would be better seen elsewhere.

To increase profits, it is recommended to shift focus from the .de zone, which is simple and familiar but lacking in sales, to zones like .com and .net where there are more opportunities for profit.


The prices for domain names being sold on SEDO vary greatly, with the most popular ones retaining a high value.
For instance, is being sold for $725,000, for $276,000, for $46,400, and for 8,848 GBP. However, the sale of a domain name is only possible when the buyer agrees to pay the asking price and has a plan for building a website on that specific domain.