Started by Megan Brown, Sep 09, 2022, 03:37 AM

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Observing the current frenzy surrounding LLLL.com domain names, I cannot help but wonder when the value of LLL in the BIZ and US zones will also be recognized. The anticipation is exhausting and it feels like there's no end to this wait.

The momentum is gradually building up, with potential for a bubble to form in the .biz domain. However, it is clear that 4L.com domains are currently in high demand and bring delight to those who have managed to acquire them.


Are you interested in obtaining a curated list of significant existing projects in the .biz domain or do you prefer to rely on search engines for your research? It is worth noting that while there are many expiring domains available, there are also valuable dot-com domains being dropped.

It can be a mistake to view the market solely from the perspective of a domainer. It is beneficial to occasionally consider the end user's point of view as well.

If we look at it from an end-user perspective, why spend money on a domain name when you can simply register a free one? This could explain the reason behind the drop in domain values and the influx of projects being dropped in the .biz zone. It would be interesting to examine archived domain name sales to further understand this trend.


Quote from: Megan Brown on Sep 09, 2022, 03:37 AMI wonder when the LLL in the BIZ and US zone will begin to be appreciated

I think that the .BIZ domain zone will never be appreciated again.
Yes, initially it was kind of like a business. But it has been so spammed with shitty projects that no one wants to buy domains in this zone for a long time.