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Started by autorenta, Jul 01, 2022, 06:11 AM

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I am getting a consistent flow of visitors every day, but no one seems to be interested in my portfolio. I don't think my portfolio is bad either. It could be because my pricing structure is incorrect or the traffic is just coming from bots. Initially,
 I had set my portfolio to Make Offer only, but I changed it to BIN to boost sales, but it still didn't work. I'm curious if others are facing the same issue?


For some reason, I had an unsatisfactory experience with their service despite trying different selling options like BIN, make offer, and LTO. My pricing isn't the issue as it is usually lower than others. I have a larger inventory of discounted domains, and this pricing strategy works best for me.

However, Afternic has been successful in selling my domains. In the past, I've used Sedo and even had landers with them, but that didn't lead to any results either. One thing that made a significant difference for me was switching to the NS5/NS6 Afternic lander and using BIN pricing, which increased sales by 40%.

The decline in NASDAQ by 31% this year could be a contributing factor, and navigating such rough times will take time. Reducing domain prices drastically hasn't helped in my experience as it makes buyers think the domains are inferior and lowers the conversion rate. In fact, I've tried this approach, but the old prices still work best.

Donna D. Phillips

The Coordination Center of the National Internet Domain (CC) announced on June 2022 that GoDaddy Company has acquired domain trading platform Dan.com. Although the terms of the transaction were not disclosed, the news has sparked a negative reaction among domain business professionals.

Experts believe that the acquisition is a step towards market consolidation and monopolization, which can lead to reduced competition. Domain investors are particularly unhappy as Dan.com charged a lower commission of about 9% per transaction, whereas GoDaddy's commission is around 20%.
It is unlikely that an exception will be made for Dan.com. In addition, Dan.com had plans to launch its own registration service with attractive benefits for registrants. However, this may no longer happen due to the acquisition by GoDaddy. This information was reported by Domain Gang, a reliable resource in this industry.