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Started by lirik, Jun 22, 2022, 10:34 AM

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lirikTopic starter

Hello, I have observed that my domains on Dan.com receive very few monthly views or visits. Can you please suggest some ways to increase their visibility? Thank you in advance for your help!


While you can consider listing your domains on brandable marketplaces such as BrandBucket or SquadHelp, it's important to note that ultimately, the quality of the domain itself is what determines its traffic.


Despite my best efforts, I was unable to sell any of my excellent domains on Dan.com for three years. In my opinion, they are fraudulent, and I advise against doing business with them.
 They have created rules that solely benefit themselves, and sellers are always in the wrong. They send requests for domains that are undesired and don't even belong to them, which is ridiculous. It's best to avoid these dishonest individuals.