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Started by jessepeterson, Aug 23, 2022, 01:10 AM

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To automate the process of displaying information on a website, I require a script that retrieves data from a database based on the current date. To be more specific, it should extract data from the string associated with the date, where there are 365 records in total and each day corresponds to a unique record in the database.


There is an alternative method to using a database, which involves inserting 365 lines of text into a plain document. Each line number corresponds to the day of the year.

To retrieve the relevant information based on the current date, the script functions by identifying the line number that matches the current day of the year and extracts the corresponding text from the document. This approach can be easily integrated with a WordPress theme by including the script at the appropriate location.

This method provides a simplified way to display specific content based on the date without requiring a database. Additionally, it can offer faster performance and requires less setup time compared to setting up a database.


To add DATE and DATETIME data types to a table, the same procedure is followed as for creating other columns.

For instance, let's say we want to create a new table called orders, consisting of order number, ordered item, order date, and order delivery date columns. This can be accomplished using a MySQL DATETIME field to record the exact date and time of when the order was made as the ORDER_DATE column. However, since the precise delivery time cannot be determined in advance, only the order delivery date is recorded.

The creation of tables containing DATE and DATETIME data types provides a way to organize and structure data in a database, which is important for efficient data management and retrieval. By grouping data into logical units, it becomes easier to perform complex queries and analysis.

CREATE TABLE `MySampleDB`.`orders` (
  `order_item` TEXT  NOT NULL,
  `order_date` DATETIME  NOT NULL,
  `order_delivery` DATE  NOT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY (`order_no`)


To retrieve data from a database based on the current date, you can use a programming language like Python and a database management system like MySQL or PostgreSQL. Here's an example code snippet in Python that demonstrates how you can achieve this:

import datetime
import mysql.connector

# Connect to the database
db = mysql.connector.connect(

# Get the current date
current_date =

# Create a SQL query to retrieve data based on the current date
query = f"SELECT * FROM your_table WHERE date_column = '{current_date}'"

# Execute the query
cursor = db.cursor()

# Fetch all the records from the query result
records = cursor.fetchall()

# Process the retrieved data
for record in records:
    # Do something with the data

# Close the database connection

In this example, you'll need to replace `"your_host"`, `"your_username"`, `"your_password"`, `"your_database"`, `"your_table"`, and `"date_column"` with the appropriate values specific to your database setup.

This code retrieves records from the database where the `date_column` matches the current date. You can then process the retrieved data as needed for displaying it on your website.