Move Addons from Owned WHMCS license to Monthly WHMCS license?

Started by kotowicz, Jun 23, 2022, 03:43 AM

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kotowiczTopic starter

I currently possess the Configurable Package Addon as part of my Owned license, however I was compelled to acquire a new Monthly WHMCS license and an Android App Yearly license in order to continue usage.
This leaves me with an unused Owned WHMCS license and an Owned Android App license. Additionally, it remains unclear whether my Configurable Package Addon license can be transferred from my Owned license to my Monthly WHMCS license or whether I must purchase a new Yearly license for it.

 I have already contacted WHMCS for assistance but I am curious if anyone has had success in transferring their Addons from Owned to Monthly licenses. While being unable to use the core WHMCS license is one thing, being unable to use the Addon licenses as well is unsatisfactory.


I cannot vouch for their current policies, particularly in light of recent changes, but previously they did permit transfers between accounts that were owned by the same person.
 With regards to switching to a monthly license, my understanding was that it utilized the same license but simply altered the terms. Does obtaining a new license and key represent a requirement in such cases?


Based on my understanding, they are willing to permit the transfer of the addon, but will keep us informed. Although mine is due next year, I am considering purchasing a license through a reseller account and leaving my current addons as Owned licenses.

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