Advise best (price/quality) VDS/VPS hosting

Started by rajeshmehra615, Jul 08, 2022, 01:41 PM

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rajeshmehra615Topic starter

Hi there!

Could you please provide information about regular virtual hosting?

1. With VPS/VDS, the maximum workload can be significantly higher depending on the server's capacity. However, is there a difference in database speed, and if so, how noticeable is it?

2. Does the installed operating system (list) affect the site's performance? What would work best for fast database operations?

3. Will there be a significant difference between 256mb RAM, CPU 500Mhz and 1024mb RAM, CPU 1500Mhz, if the site receives around 1000-1500 visits per day and sees a constant database load?

4. Can you recommend the best hosting provider with a price range of $5-$15 per month that provides great value for money?

P.S. Is paying extra for IPSManager worth it?
P.P.S. I am not an expert in this area, so some of my questions may seem silly to you. I hope you can help me choose the right hosting. Thank you!


1. The server configuration selected will determine this.
2. It depends on the settings.
3. If the resources are guaranteed, then yes. However, it's important to take into account that using a different disk may result in slower performance on an SSD.
4. Check out [nofollow].

William Audley

1. The outcome is dependent on the measured values.
2. Linux outperforms Windows by a noticeable margin, although there are minimal differences in terms of features and applications. To make a final decision, you should consider how you will build your site with a hosting provider and what tools you plan to use. The two operating systems use different scripts and database languages. Choose Linux if you need PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, or MySQL, and Windows if you require ASP or ASP.NET.
3. There will be a difference, but it may not be immediately noticeable. If your site receives 500-1000 daily visits, especially if there are 100 or more at once, you will require a more powerful option; otherwise, the system may not be able to handle the load. Additionally, the disk plays a crucial role in responding to customer requests.
4. The choice of hosting depends on your goals. Some examples include:

- Hostgator - Best for simple websites.
- GreenGeeks - Best eco-friendly hosting.
- SiteGround - Best speed and security for WordPress.
- A2 Hosting - Fast & reliable shared hosting.
- InMotion – Best VPS hosting.
- WPEngine - Best managed WordPress hosting.
- Nexcess - Best for ecommerce hosting.


1. The provider usually offers two options: the ability to define the configuration yourself, or use ready-made solutions. If you do not know - rely on the provider.
2. I won't tell you about the speed of work, but for Linux the software is much more "advanced".
3. The disk in this matter is the weakest link, as well as the amount of RAM. CPU - of course.
4. My pick: a2hosting $4.99 to $9.99 bundles with a significant increase in capacity/performance.


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